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50 Outdoor Activities to do with your Toddler


I don’t know about you and your kids, but we LOVE to play outside. I love it because it keeps the house from looking like a tornado came through. The kids probably love it for other reasons. Here are some of our absolute favorite outdoor activities. If you are looking for a birthday present or just more outdoor activities, I have posted links to products that go with the activities. (These are affiliate links, and I do receive a small fee if you click through and buy the product here. Please know I only recommend products I love and would use myself.)

The links below are affiliate links. If You purchase an item from the links below, I will receive a small fee or commission (at no extra cost to you). However, I can assure you that all opinions stated below are my own. I do not share products that I do not use and love, myself. Please visit my Disclosure and Privacy Policy for more information! Thanks for your support!

  1. Collect Rocks.
  2. Learn to ride a tricycle.
  3. Play with sidewalk chalk.
  4. Blow bubbles.
  5. Feed the birds.
  6. Plant flowers.
  7. Dig in the dirt.
  8. Have a water balloon fight.
  9. Play in the sand.
  10. Go fishing.
  11. Go for a walk.
  12. Go for a hike.
  13. Take pictures.
  14. Play hopscotch.
  15. Go to a park.
  16. Pick up trash.
  17. Play catch.
  18. Have a picnic.
  19. Play in the dirt.
  20. Have a race.
  21. Play tag.
  22. Play hide and seek.
  23. Rake leaves.
  24. Build a Snowman.
  25. Go swimming.
  26. Play in the sprinkler.
  27. Read books.
  28. Build a fort.
  29. Swing.
  30. Slide.
  31. Walk on a balance beam.
  32. Plant a garden and watch it grow.
  33. Set up a tent.
  34. Catch lightening bugs.
  35. Jump on the trampoline.
  36. Play in the water table.
  37. Kick a ball.
  38. Climb rocks.
  39. Water the flowers.
  40. Drink from the hose.
  41. Play in the rain.
  42. Play in the mud.
  43. Get the mail.
  44. Shovel snow.
  45. Have a snowball fight.
  46. Have a lemonade stand.
  47. Look at the stars/sun/moon/clouds.
  48. Ride a scooter.
  49. Pick up sticks.
  50. Wash the car.

Please comment below with your favorite outdoor activities! Now get outside and have some fun! 🙂

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  1. Barrie

    Fun ideas! Think Spring. Now for the weather to warm up a bit so we can do some of these great ideas!

    21 . Mar . 2017
    • bcooper

      Thanks! Yes, the weather needs to pick a path and stick with it! 🙂

      22 . Mar . 2017
  2. Jen

    These are such fun ideas! I love all of the spring options you have listed here for as the weather warms up 🙂

    25 . Mar . 2017
    • bcooper

      Can you tell I’m excited for Spring!? 🙂

      25 . Mar . 2017
  3. Fi Morrison

    What a great list! I love that you have a variety of activities that would match toddlers with different personalities! Cannot wait until my son is older to try some of these (he’s only 8 months old). Particularly the building a fort and water balloon fight! 🙂

    28 . Mar . 2017
    • bcooper

      Aww! Every stage is so much fun but I love doing new things when they get old enough!

      29 . Mar . 2017
  4. The Happy Now Blog Link Up #53

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    28 . Mar . 2017
  5. Michele Morin

    Great list! I remember doing most of these things with my four boys . . . and now the grandboy awaits!

    01 . Apr . 2017
    • bcooper

      Oh that is great! I had grandparents in mind when I wrote this too! My kids love playing outside at grandma and grandpas! I’m sure you will love being a grandma! 🙂

      01 . Apr . 2017

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