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Cutest Baby and Toddler Halloween Costumes for under $30


I don’t know about you but Halloween is not one of my favorite holidays. I always end up waiting until the last minute to get a costume. Not to mention, I really dislike spending money on something my kids will only wear once! Oh, and I am not one of those moms that can whip up a homemade costume either. So, if you are like me, I hope this can help you find a last minute costume at a good price!


This post contains affiliate links. I will receive a small fee for anything purchased through these links at no extra cost to you!


Noah’s Ark Lion Cub Romper Ages 12-18 Months

Hot Dog Toddler Costume

Little Stripe Kitten Ages 12-24 Months

Ninja Turtle Romper

Little Red Riding Hood Costume

Muscle Chest Superman Costume

Yoda 12-24 Months Costume

Baby Tiger 18 Months to 2T

Mischievous Monkey Costume

Baby’s Dinky Dino Dinosaur Costume

Baby’s Pink Elephant Costume

Baby’s Puppy Love Costume

Baby Girl’s Magical Unicorn Costume



Now, if you’re really excited about Halloween and don’t mind spending a few extra dollars, here are some other cute costumes you will love!




Baby’s Goofy Gator Costume

Baby’s Lil’ Elephant Costume





Garden Gnome Costume

Playful Pony Costume

Lil’ Lion Costume

Baby Dinky Dragon Costume



Which Costume is your favorite?


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Best Toys for Traveling with Toddlers


Are you planning a family road trip this summer? Do you have little ones that need to be entertained?

I am planning to embark on a 10-hour road trip with my toddlers next week. In preparation, I have searched (and searched) for the best toys for car rides. You see, I have found that you can’t just bring any old toys on long car trips. Last week we took a 1 1/2 hour trip to visit family. My son cried most of the way, and was inconsolable. The only toy that made him happy was a ball, which he kept throwing overboard.

We do have a DVD player in the car, but I really don’t want my daughter watching it the whole time! My plan is to get some new DVDs at the library, watch one DVD and then listen to music while playing with a new toy. I notice that she learns a lot in the car when she is not watching the DVD player. So, I hope to keep the TV watching at a minimum.

So, in preparation for our big trip, I bought some toys that are made specifically for traveling. Here are some of the best ones I have found so far!

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15 Bucket List Activities for Toddlers in Kansas City


Are you looking for things to do with your toddler in the Kansas City area? Here are 15 activities around Kansas City you don’t want to miss!

If you are looking for activities to do at home you can see my post 50 Outdoor Activities to do with your Toddler. However, we all know sometimes you just need to get out of the house!

If you are a mom, grandparent, or babysitter these are great ideas to get you out and about!