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Our Family Favorites in May


I have decided to start a monthly post about my family’s current favorite things. It may be a product or an activity. I am an Amazon Affiliate and do receive a small fee if you happen to click on and buy something from one of my links. However, I will only ever recommend or write about products we use and love. Enjoy! 🙂


My Personal Current Favorite:


The Nespresso Machine is by far my favorite product. I look forward to my drink every day! I love the OriginalLine Nespresso: Arpeggio, 50-Count is my favorite espresso to buy. You do have to order the espresso online, but if you have Amazon Prime it can be shipped free in two days! This particular model also comes with a milk frother, which I can’t live without.

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My Husband’s Current Favorite:



When I asked my husband what his favorite thing was right now his response was, “just you.”  Aw, how sweet. So, I decided to choose for him. One thing he wants to do is master is the art of smoking meat. I have to say, he’s pretty good at it. So that is why I chose his smoker. Yumm.


My Daughter’s Current Favorite:


My daughter got a few princess dresses and a dress up tub a while back for her birthday. We recently pulled them out and now she wears them constantly, even when she goes to bed.


My Son’s Current Favorite:


We were actually given a turtle sandbox from some family members. Today I went and bought sand for it and my kids loved it. Max (my 1 year old) was thrilled with it. He loved trying everything his sister was doing. I’m sure you’re wondering if he ate the sand. Yes, he did, but after trying it once, he didn’t do it again. 🙂


My Wish List:


Outdoor rocking chairs have been on my list for a few years. We have outdoor patio furniture, but I would love a few chairs for our top deck so we can sit and watch the kids play. Our other patio furniture is not the most comfortable so I want these to be something we can relax and unwind in at the end of a long day!


That’s it! Our family favorites for the month of May consist of a lot of outdoor activities.  I’d love to hear your family favorites right now! Share them in the comments below!


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  1. Steph

    I love all your favorites, the smoker looks amazing

    07 . May . 2017
    • bcooper

      Thanks! Yes, smoking meat takes a while, but so yummy and worth the wait!

      07 . May . 2017
  2. Meghna

    What a great idea. I like the topic of your blog

    07 . May . 2017
    • bcooper

      Thank you!

      07 . May . 2017
  3. Kayla Nigro

    I’ve been looking to get a new coffee maker.. we have a keurig but it only makes one cup at a time and you have to refill with water for each cup and the coffee beans as well. Definitely a first world problem! But thank you for sharing your favorites this month – going to look into your espresso machine!

    07 . May . 2017
    • bcooper

      We have a Keurig too. My stomach handles espresso better than coffee for some reason. The Nespresso Machine is like the Keurig in the way that it only makes one drink at a time as well. It makes 2 shots of espresso and then you put it with the frothed milk and add any flavor. I wish it made more as I drink multiple drinks a day, but it is so worth it! 🙂 Let me know if you decide to get one!

      07 . May . 2017
  4. Jamie @ madrediem

    I want a nespresso machine so badly! I don’t technically need one because I also love French press coffee, but it’s such a pain and mess to clean up every morning. Thanks for sharing!

    07 . May . 2017
    • bcooper

      French press is also yummy! I don’t know if I could go back to life without my Nespresso machine! 🙂

      08 . May . 2017
  5. Marilyn

    I’d love to have. Nespresso machine hash…. and a hammock that that be fun.

    08 . May . 2017

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