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Why You Need a Mommy Tribe

by bcooper-

Motherhood is not something we are meant to do alone. In fact, if you are doing motherhood alone, I’m going to go ahead and guess that you’re going crazy by now.

We need other mamas. People who understand us. We need someone to cry to, someone to vent to, someone to ask questions of, and someone to just sit and hang out with us while we supervise our kids. Someone to text in the middle of the night when baby isn’t sleeping, just to chat. We need mamas who can recommend their favorite baby products that they just cannot live without.

We need someone that can understand just by looking at one random Snapchat of our kids how it could make your heart beat outside of your chest. Someone that cares for our kids as they care for their own. Someone that can call you out when you’re being irrational, or tell you your kid will be fine when he has a scrape on his leg.

Motherhood is not something we are meant to do alone. We need other mamas.

Motherhood can be isolating. It can be lonely. Motherhood can be hard. But sometimes, all we need is another mama to be there, in the thick of it all, with us.

Then suddenly, motherhood becomes empowering, joyful, and exciting!

What exactly do I mean by mama tribe?

When I say mama tribe, I am not necessarily talking about your everyday friends. Your very best friend may not even be a part of your mama tribe. By mama tribe, I mean other moms that have kids around the same age as yours. Other moms that can relate to exactly what you are going through at that stage. Moms who you can plan play dates with because your kids play so well together. Other moms who you can trust to be honest, loving, and helpful with you and your kids. Moms that you know will be positive, encourage, and support you.

Some people find their mama tribe quite naturally. Maybe you and your friends started having kids around the same time. Others may have a harder time finding their tribe. Post partum depression or anxiety may make it hard for you to get out of the house and interact with other moms. Maybe you are a homebody or just not ready to get out and about with your newborn. For those mamas, an online tribe may be the best thing for you!

Where can I find my mama tribe?

There are so many places to find other moms to connect with. It may take a while to find the right fit. Someone who understands you. Someone who maybe even holds the same crazy parenting beliefs as you do. But they’re out there. It’s your job to put yourself out there as a mom.

Here are some places you can start.

  1. Church- If you are someone that goes to church, this is the perfect place to find other like-minded moms. Some churches even have programs like M.O.P.S. or Moms Together where moms can meet.
  2. Neighborhood park- because, weekly play dates?!
  3. Neighborhood pool- same as above.
  4. New Mama Tribe Facebook Group. Are you a new mama? Would you like a close community who you can reach in an instant if you have questions, want to share a funny story with, or get advice from? Join New Mama Tribe by clicking the link to the Facebook group now! Invite your friends to be apart of the same community!  Join Now!
  5. Toddler Mama Tribe Facebook Group. Are you a mom of a toddler or toddlers? Join this Facebook group to chat with other toddler moms, learn about toddler events and products, get ideas, advice, and mama friends!

Now go out there and find your TRIBE!


Why You Need A Mommy Tribe And How to Find It

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