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25 Advent Calendar Activities for Toddlers + Free Printable

by bcooper-

This holiday season has been especially fun for my family. It is the first time our daughter (3) has recognized the lights on houses, decorations around the house, presents under the tree, and all of the other fun Christmas traditions. So, we’ve decided to start a tradition of doing one special Christmas activity each day during December. It may be a small activity like reading Christmas stories, or it might be something more involved like building a gingerbread house.

(Scroll down to see my detailed list and your free printable below!)

I am so excited to slow down and have some extra time to spend as a family creating memories that we will have forever! We have decided that right when my husband gets home from work we will spend the first hour doing the activity of the day. Not only will the kids look forward to seeing daddy, but they will look forward to the activity we have planned!

Here are the activities we are planning to do in the month of December. (Some will require supplies which I have linked within the activity.) We do not necessarily plan to do the activities in order but we will plan according to the amount of time we have each day. I also planned several activities that incorporate the theme of “giving” so they aren’t always just “fun activities” but rather, things that will teach our kids the meaning of Christmas.

Also, be sure to check out the Advent Calendar Ideas I have rounded up!

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Make your christmas season magical with these 25 Advent Activities for Toddlers

Make Christmas cards – We plan to use construction paper, holiday markers, and stickers for these and send them to grandma and grandpa!

Open one early present – I always remember getting to open ONE early Christmas present. It was always fun to pick which one we wanted to open first and guessing what it might be! It also spreads out the gift opening so that they aren’t so overwhelmed with so many gifts at once.

Random act of kindness – My plan is to take the kids somewhere to find someone that is in need. Figure out something they need, go get it, and deliver it to them.

Go ice skating – We have never done this before but it should be interesting with our one and three year olds!

Donate toys to kids in need– Take the hour to go through toys and find at least 5 things that are in good shape to donate to a child who doesn’t have as many toys. Then find a place that takes toys for kids.

Cute Christmas Advent Calendar by Keep Calm Get Organized
Cute Christmas Advent Calendar by Keep Calm Get Organized

Make reindeer foodHere is an adorable recipe and craft idea!

Make a bird feederHere is a cute Christmas tree one!

Make a gingerbread house – Get yours here!

Christmas pajama day – We plan to spend the day in our Christmas jammies!

Drink hot chocolate – When daddy gets home we will sit down at the table and drink our hot chocolate!

Christmas Advent Calendar Village by Honey and Lime
Christmas Advent Calendar Village by Honey and Lime

Look at Christmas lights – I love taking the kids out to look at lights! This year we plan to go to a neighborhood that always has good ones! I am especially excited for this because my daughter loves seeing the lights on people’s houses!

Read Christmas books by the fire – Being a classroom teacher, I have a ton of Christmas books I can’t wait to read to the kids!

Make a hand print ornament– Get yours here!

Make Christmas cookies – Can’t forget the Christmas cookies! I have an awesome video of our family making Christmas cookies for the first time last year. It created such great memories!

Go to a Christmas Eve service – Our church has some different ones for several days in a row.

Easy Homemade Advent Calendar by Organized 31
Easy Homemade Advent Calendar by Organized 31

Take pictures with Santa – We plan to get this done early this year. Last year we waited too long and we ended up having to wait in line for quite a while to see Santa!

Donate food to a food bank – I plan to clear out my pantry and donate all of our canned goods to a food bank.

Sleep under the Christmas tree – A new tradition I want to start, because who would forget this tradition!?

Read the Christmas story – We have this version and the kids love it!

Little People Nativity – We love playing with our Little People Nativity Set and now my daughter is old enough to understand parts of the story!

Advent Calendar by A Turtle's Life For Me
Advent Calendar by A Turtle’s Life For Me

Watch a Christmas movie – Probably on a Friday night, and with popcorn, and red and green M&Ms!

Make a snowman– If it snows before Christmas, a snowman is a MUST!

Make Christmas Slime – Check out these amazing Christmas/Holiday slime recipes!

Deliver gifts to a nursing home – It is always nice to see the smile you can bring to someone’s face with this simple gesture.

Listen to Christmas music – We love to have dance parties in our kitchen so what better excuse??

DIY Cheap Advent Calendar by Coffee With Us
DIY Cheap Advent Calendar by Coffee With Us

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What activities would you add?

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  1. Marissa

    These are really good and fun ideas! Not sure if I would have the energy to do these each day with 3 kids now but I could definitely try.

    03 . Dec . 2017
    • bcooper

      I agree! I figure if we miss a few days here and there it’s ok but we have some fun options to choose from! I can’t imagine doing it with 3 though!!

      04 . Dec . 2017
  2. Anissa

    Absolutely love the concept of giving! Showing children that early in life also builds character. My kids and I participated when they were younger.

    04 . Dec . 2017
    • bcooper

      I agree! I love to see what they learn from it!

      04 . Dec . 2017
  3. Heather

    I LOVE all of these ideas! I can’t wait to try some of these with my kids. Thanks so much for sharing!! Have a blessed Christmas!

    04 . Dec . 2017
    • bcooper

      Great! You too!! 🙂

      05 . Dec . 2017
  4. Heaven

    These ideas are perfect for my kids and their ages! Thank you for sharing, I am going to try some of these!

    04 . Dec . 2017
    • bcooper

      That’s great! I hope they love them!

      05 . Dec . 2017
  5. Scott

    this is perfect! I forgot to pick one up at the store – now I can just make my own and customize it!

    04 . Dec . 2017
    • bcooper

      Perfect! Have fun!!

      04 . Dec . 2017
  6. Vivian Evans

    These are awesome! I need this for my nephews. Thank you.

    05 . Dec . 2017
    • bcooper

      So glad you can use these ideas! I hope they love them as much as we have been!

      05 . Dec . 2017
  7. Evelyn, PathofPresence

    Love these ideas – full of creativity! You’ve just made life so much easier for the rest of us – you are amazing ?

    05 . Dec . 2017
    • bcooper

      You are too sweet! Thank you!

      05 . Dec . 2017
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