About Me


Hi Mamas! Thank you for stopping by to check out my blog. This is my first real blog so give me some grace here!  I am hoping the title of my blog gives you an idea of who I am in that I fall short of perfect as a mom in so many ways! Like most moms, I do everything I can to be the best mama I can be to my babies.

My Family

I have been married for almost 7 years to a wonderful man who also happens to be an exceptional daddy. I am a mama to two precious babies, Ruby (2 1/2) and Maxwell (soon to be 1). With these two babies I have my girl and my boy, my head-strong and my sweet, my outgoing and my shy, two absolutely opposite loves of my life.

I also teach preschool on a military base in Kansas. While I absolutely love my job, I have finally made the big decision to become a stay-at-home mom next year.

My Why

All of these things about me bring me to WHY I decided to start a blog. Upon entering this thing called Motherhood, I was an absolute hot mess. I had a colicky baby who had a hard time nursing, sleeping, and pretty much doing anything you would expect from a cute little baby. Not to mention my hormones were out.of.control! I joined a mom’s support group which helped me immensely to know that I wasn’t alone. My experience as a new mother still feels so raw and emotional. Lucky for me, my second baby came out nursing easily and happy as a clam. Now that I am just far enough removed from those feelings of being a new mom, I want to help others who felt the way I did.

My Hope

My hope is that by sharing my experiences, products I love, and other little tidbits of information that I can create a community of new moms that can all reach out to help and be helped! I will also use this blog to share recipes, crafts, and other activities that might be useful to my fellow mamas!

Be You

Remember, while nobody is perfect, you are exactly what your child needs; a mama.

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