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Hi Mamas! I am Brittany, the owner of Imperfectly Perfect Mama. Thank you for stopping by to check out my blog. I am hoping the name of my blog gives you an idea of who I am in that I fall short of perfect as a mom in so many ways.  Like most moms, I do everything I can to be the best mama I can be to my babies.

My Family

I have been married for almost 7 years to a wonderful man who also happens to be an exceptional daddy. I am a mama to two precious babies, Ruby (3) and Maxwell (1). With these two babies I have my girl and my boy, my head-strong and my sweet, my outgoing and my shy, two absolutely opposite loves of my life.

I decided to become a stay-at-home mom last year after 6 years of teaching kindergarten and preschool. I love being home with my babies!

My Why

All of these things about me bring me to WHY I decided to start a blog. Motherhood has been the biggest and best life change I have ever gone through. No matter what stage you are in there are constant struggles and battles we face as moms. My goal is to share content that will make motherhood easier and more enjoyable.

My Hope

My hope is that by sharing my experiences, products I love, and other little tidbits of information that I can create a community of new moms that can all reach out to help and be helped! If you are a mom looking for a community of supportive moms join one of my Facebook Groups now! New Mama Tribe or Toddler Mama Tribe. I will share recipes, meal plans, activities, crafts, and other motivation for you mamas!

Be You

Remember, while nobody is perfect, you are exactly what your child needs; a mama.

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