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Meal Plan and Prep for Busy Moms


Meal planning and prepping can be a tad bit overwhelming. The idea of planning out each meal and snack, and pre-cutting all of your meats, vegetables, and fruits can seem like a lot of work! I’ll be honest here, it IS a lot of work!You might have heard people say that meal planning will save you time. I am going to disagree and tell you that you will probably spend the same amount of time (maybe even a little bit more)!So, why then am I telling you that you SHOULD be meal planning? Why would anyone want to spend more time and more work on making meals that are going to be made anyways?This Post may contain affiliate links. See my full disclosure here.Well, let me tell you the difference. Meal planning isn’t necessarily about saving yourself time or effort. It is about carving out ONE chunk of time to prepare meals. Then when it comes down to meal time, everything is all ready to cook and serve. No cutting, no measuring, no mixing, no thinking, no fuss!While meal planning may take a little more time, it will save you the time…