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How to Create a “Pinnable” Image Using Canva


Hey Blogging Mamas!  One thing I have learned on my blogging journey is the importance of making a great “pinnable” image for each blog post. This image is what will attract Pinterest users to click through to your blog.When I first started using Pinterest to share content from my blog, I wasn’t getting much traffic. So, I have put a lot of effort into figuring out what makes your image Pinterest worthy. Something that people will want to click on and read.I found that there are a few very specific things your graphic should have in order to be successful on Pinterest. Since I have implemented these things, my traffic from Pinterest has significantly increased.   What tools do I use to make graphics for my blog?In order to make graphics for my blog, I like to use Canva. I know a lot of other bloggers use other things like Pic Monkey (which I do use to edit photos), but since I use Canva, I will just be writing about that.I absolutley love using canva for several reasons. Number one, it is free to use. Number two, it is easy to use. Number…