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Pumping at Work: 10 Simple Tips to Make Your Experience Easier + Printable


Are you a nursing mama who is heading back to work after maternity leave? Are you wondering how you will have the time and feeling overwhelmed by the thought of pumping at work? I know that feeling well and want to help! I have tried many things to save time and increase productivity while pumping. Here are some tips that worked for me!  [br]1. Get an extra pump. (I use the Medela Pump In Style and love it, but there are several other options out there.)  You can also find a mom who is done with her pump and ask to borrow or purchase it. (Be sure to purchase new tubing to use with the pump.) Keep one pump at home and one pump at work or in the car. I promise it will be worth it. Not having to carry your pump to and from work every day will make your life a heck of a lot easier.[br]2. Purchase extra pump supplies. Purchase an extra set of pump supplies and bottles. Again, keep one set at home and one at work.  This will prevent you from the dreaded day you forget your supplies and…