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Mama Blog Monday Link Up #2


 Hey Mamas! Welcome to the Mama Blog Monday Link Up Party! I am hoping to connect with new mama bloggers each Monday. I also hope to gain some mama-spiration and grow a community of mommies and bloggers everywhere!Features from last week!Before we begin this week’s link up party, we’d like to give some love to our features from last week! Check them out! This one comes from Bethany over at Mama Finds Her Way. She gives some tips for creating a life management plan in order to have peace in your home. I loved reading it and implementing these tips myself has made my life easier already! The next one is written by Jessie over at Her Arms are Strong. Jessie writes about A Mom’s Version of 1 Corinthians 13:1-7. I love her creativity with words! Finally, Surya over at The Crazy Busy Mama gives us 9 tips for making clean up in the kitchen quick! We hope you will stop by and take a look! Thanks for linking up last week, mamas! What is a link up party?This link up party is a place…

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Living from the Laundry Basket


Laundry is going to be the death of me. Okay, so that might be a little bit dramatic, and very much a first world problem. But, I know some of you other moms can relate with me on this! I hope I’m not alone in this! My family lives from the laundry basket! We do the laundry. As in, we wash the clothes. But getting it put away? That’s another story. Sometimes, it doesn’t get put away. We simply pick our clothes out of the pile each day deciding last minute if we have time to iron it. If not, it just goes back in the pile and we pick something else out. The pile is so BIG, so overwhelming. The thought of spending an entire hour folding clothes is enough to make us leave it for another day. Here’s the other problem. Once you do the laundry, there is always more to be done. It is NEVER. ENDING. Why put away all the clothes when there will just be a new pile to put away the next day? Ahh! Please Lord, encourage my husband to do the laundry today. I pray this…

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Keeping a Clean and Organized House when you Have a Toddler


If you have toddlers, chances are you’ve wondered how to keep your house clean. I know the feeling. You set out to clean the whole house top to bottom while the kids occupy themselves. While In reality, as you clean, your kids are pulling things out of cabinets, drawers, and tubs until you can’t see the floor anymore. The house ends up messier than it was when you started cleaning. All of the time you spent cleaning was time you could have been spending with your kids.Yes, I know the feeling all too well. If you know me, you know my house is rarely completely clean and I am constantly feeling behind on housework. So, I decided to implement a few things around the house to help keep the mess under control. Some things I have already done, and some I plan to do in the near future so that I can stay sane!  Designate toys to one area of the house. In our house, we have done our best to keep the toys in the basement. Obviously, toys make their way upstairs all of the time, but we do our best. This way, the…