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Teaching Preschool Skills with Playdough


As a mom and preschool teacher, I love to find new ways to teach foundational skills to my kids. I get especially excited when I find something that can be used to teach many different skills at once. That is why I love using Play-Doh so much! You can use to teach letters, numbers, counting, colors, shapes, sorting, and size!  Yes, it can be a little messy at times, but I have found that if you set a few simple ground rules, the kids do just fine with it. Download my poster Play-Doh Rules as a reminder for your kiddos! Learning Through PlayMany of the examples I will give below are for teaching foundational skills. The key word here is teaching. Meaning you are interacting and playing with your child. At this age, teaching can be playing with, talking to, copying, and interacting with your toddler or preschooler. Kids LEARN through PLAY! This is something adults tend to forget. Their knowledge is expanding through every activity, game, or interaction they have each day. So, while you might feel like you are just playing, your child is LEARNING!! With that said, your child also learns a lot…