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Not Sleeping?-5 Simple Tips to Help your Newborn Sleep Longer


Is your newborn waking up multiple times throughout the night? Does your newborn seem restless and irritable at night? Does your newborn startle every time you lay him or her down to sleep? These are all common complaints of many new moms.Imagine being a newborn baby. The new world they are born into is very different than the dark, warm, and soothing womb they are used to. It is cold and bright with unpredictable noises and movements. Even the soft newborn clothes they wear are a different texture than what they are used to feeling on their skin. On top of that they are now having to sleep, wake, and eat when someone else wants them to. It’s no wonder newborns often have problems sleeping at night!As a new mom, not getting the sleep you need can cause anxiety, frustration towards the baby, and even marital problems. However, it doesn’t have to be that way. There are many things you can do to help your baby sleep longer and more soundly at night.Of course you will want to be sure that your baby is fed and dry. Many moms have their husbands, significant other, or…